Technical feasibilities of ReGen technologies


The objective is to investigate the technical feasibilities of ReGen technologies and define a generic ReGen plant model and an hierarchical control framework including information and communication technology (ICT) for coordinated participation of ReGen, like WP and PV plants, in the provision of ancillary services to support the stability of a future entire renewable energy integrated power system.

Activities and results

• Review of the current technical requirements for ReGen plants
• Specification of the technical requirements for ReGen plants in power system with large penetration of ReGen
• Specifications and development of a ReGen plant
• Specifications of a ReGen plant controller
• Definition of power system baseline scenario for verification of ancillary services provision.



• M1 - Development of ReGen plant model and control framework including ICT for coordination of ancillary services from ReGen plants in the transmission and distribution level



• D1.1 - Report on generic ReGen plant model and simulation platform
• D1.2 - Report on Technical Feasibility of Ancillary services provided by ReGen plants
• D1.3 – Report on optimal dispatch methods for ReGen plants


Nicolaos Antonio Cutululis
DTU Wind Energy
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